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Quest IT has been a valued Chordiant program partner for several years. Chordiant have been pleased to engage Quest IT successfully to utilise their expertise on a number of customer projects across the European Region. All consultants have had not only the right level of experience, but also demonstrated the ability to work as part of joint team in a positive and helpful manner. Of particular importance to us is the ability to deliver to customer expectations and beyond, which they have.

We continue to use Quest IT for key resources, and remain highly satisfied with their services. We have found their service to be efficient, professional, reliable and cost effective. We look forward to continuing our partnership into the futureā€¦.

Vice President, Professional Services,
EMEA Chordiant Software International, Feb 2008
Our Partners

Our Partners

Quest IT Ltd is a business partner of Chordiant Alliance Partnership Program since 2000. As such, we are committed to offering quality systems integration, business analysis and process management, as well as technical expertise and knowledge transfer skills.


Chordiant provide a world class customer relationship management system which provides a complete view of every customer. Chordiant is used by global leaders in insurance/healthcare, telecommunications and financial services through the UK, Europe, Canada and US. Chordiant enables one-to-one customer interaction through integrated applications for customer service representatives, self-service, management and operations. With Chordiant Cx solutions, customer loyalty, operational productivity and profitability reach new levels of return.

Quest IT Ltd is the exclusive UK and European master distributor of the NetMap Analytics range of products.

NetMap Analytics

NetMap Analytics provide Link-Node Visual Analysis applications designed to identify and portray any possible links between any data element from within one or more data sources. In doing this, NetMap provides a "drillable visual representation of any transactional or physical direct and indirect link between data elements allowing you to discover the "hidden information within your data. Used by most security and intelligence services throughout the world, NetMap is also used in the corporate arena to identify abnormal transactions or relationships amongst millions of "normal transactions to discover incidences of internal and external fraud. NetMap specialises in detecting retail fraud, insurance and social benefits claims fraud, employee and supplier fraud as well as identifying collusion between parties in a criminal investigation. Used to process data across multiple internal systems, NetMap can rapidly identify "ghost employees, supplier overpayment or unusual relationships between staff and consumers or suppliers.

Ab Initio

Ab Initio software is a general purpose data processing platform for enterprise class, mission-critical applications such as data warehousing, batch processing, clickstream processing, data movement, data transformation, and analytics. It supports the integration of arbitrary data sources and programs, and provides complete metadata management across the enterprise.

Through a robust, high performance, general purpose data processing environment, Ab Initio supports application integration and parallel and distributed execution across heterogeneous networks. Providing best-of-breed capabilities for both ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) tasks within a single, consistent framework, Ab Initio software maximises performance and scalability while minimising development time and total cost for the world's largest companies in health care, telecommunications, banking and financial services, e-commerce, insurance and retail.