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With a CRM Solution as important and demanding as the one here at Sky, it was essential during the first phase of the project that the development team worked well under extreme pressure to deliver application within tight timescales. Working as part of a team, Quest IT not only helped to deliver, but following the implementation of the contact centre, they played a key role in the support and performance enhancement of the application.

During the second phase of Sky CRM solution, Quest IT development resources contributed towards Quality Assurance processes, contributed to the design of the software architecture and later ironed our production issues in staged releases. Since their abilities as a consultancy, they now have staff leading Chordiant development teams.

CRM Development Manager
End-to-End analysis

End-to-End analysis

Quest's Architecture and Design specialists provide a crucial role in the design and establishment of a robust, optimised and high performance platform to service high transaction volume technology environments. Focused on ensuring that the deployed application and infrastructure technology meets the business and operational objectives, Quest IT's specialists provide technical services to ensure enterprise level solution integration from front end web or telephony based interaction systems, through call centres to inventory and back end billing systems.

Quest's Enterprise Architecture capabilities provides both a blueprint and road map by tying IT, data and business processes to business goals and strategies, all within a framework that presents an unified enterprise view. Using a series of interconnected models, an enterprise architecture blueprint depicts the relationships at various levels among these different areas. Decisions that involve deployable information systems - whether internal or customer-facing - can be made using the fact-based traceability features offered by a blueprint. For example, decisions to deploy new or updated applications based on orchestrated software components (services) can directly correspond to requirements generated from the EA.

Quest IT has highly skilled technical specialists and system architects that can help you design and deploy a highly optimised technology platform and optimise the performance of your applications. In addition, our team have strong database, operating system and network experience that enable them to carry out an end-to-end analysis of your technology topography to identify and resolve any areas of deficiency. 

End-to-End analysis    Architecture and Design

From Strategic requirements analysis to Project based business services

Track record in Development and Optimisation of customer systems


Design and Deployment of highly optimised technology platforms

Enterprise CRM, Counter-fraud or RIA solutions implementation

Onsite, remote or offshore Business, Technical and Systems Support